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SDD Part 0: Introduction and Primer to the SDD Standard

3.18 Referencing publications in SDD

Record for publications used in the dataset. Elements consist simply of a <Representation> (name of publication) and optional <Link> to a url as shown below and in Example 3.18.1.

Example 3.18.1 - Publications in SDD

  <Publication id="p111">
      <Label>Author, X (2000). Short Citation, including journal or publisher.</Label>
  <Publication id="p112">
      <Label>Gee, X. & Haa, Y. (2003). How to be happy in five minutes. Instant Gratifications, Palm Beach.</Label>
    <Link rel="BasedOn" href="doi:10.1992/32311"/>
    <Link rel="Alternate" href=""/>
        <x:Data xmlns:x="">Applications may store additional data at the resource connectors.</x:Data>

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