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SDD Part 0: Introduction and Primer to the SDD Standard

3.10 Language support in SDD

SDD allows the use of any language supported in the xml namespace. Translations to and from languages can be explicitely tagged. Language can be specified and multiple entries included for all text based elements within SDD. All elements containing a <Label> tag may contain language specific markup.

Example 3.10.1 - Language support in SDD

  <Label xml:lang="en">Flying Fishes of the world</Label>
  <Label xml:lang="de">Fliegende Fische der Welt</Label>
  <Detail xml:lang="en" role="Description">A digital field guide</Detail>
  <Detail xml:lang="en" role="Coverage">Flying Fishes (Exocoetidae)</Detail>
  <Detail xml:lang="de" role="Coverage">Fliegende Fische (Exocoetidae)</Detail>
  <Detail xml:lang="en" translatedfrom="sp" role="Abstract">Abstract translated from Spanish goes here</Detail>
  <MediaObject ref="m1"/>

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