UBIF_LinneanCore.xsd schema file overview

(Version: Unified Biosciences Information Framework (UBIF) 1.1)

TDWG working group: Structure of Descriptive Data (SDD)


This document gives an overview of the schema components present in a single schema file, similar to the entry view provided by graphical schema editors. It documents only the root level annotations and components (elements, global attributes, simple and complex types, and groups). The definition of the components listed here is documented separately (hyperlinking could not yet be implemented).

Because the UBIF schema is designed as a type library, complex types represent class definitions and most schema files contain only a single root-level element.

Please see the schema documentation resource directory for schema overviews of other files and detailed component documentation.

Schema file content

The following content is generated automatically from the documentation inside the schema file:

UBIF version of Linnean Core 0.2 (definitions inherited from LinneanCore 0.1.6, modified to correct problems and make use of UBIF common types, checked against TCS 1.0)

Unfortunately, it proved not possible to directly use TCS types, partly because of the generous use of mixed content in TCS, which is generally avoided in UBIF, partly because the desire to reuse the UBIF publications/citation and agents types and objects (which in TCS are left undefined), and partly because of some minor problems detected in TCS. Note, however, that this structure remains fairly focussed on general name needs and does not attempt to include full nomenclature or concept-relationship information.

Copyright © 2006 TDWG (Taxonomic Databases Working Group, www.tdwg.org). See the file UBIF_(c).xsd for authorship and licensing information.

Includes: UBIF_CoreOntology.xsd

Taxon names

Note: although 'taxon' may be used in a general sense as a named class, the extensions here cover primarily biological scientific (Linnean) names.

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