Resource Directory (RDDL) for UBIF and SDD 1.0

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Note: This RDDL file has been created retrospectively in May 2006 together with UBIF 1.1 to make the files and issues concerning this prior version transparent.

This is UBIF and SDD version 1.0. This version was officially voted by TDWG in 2005 to become a standard. However, in the light of of the revisions made for version 1.1, the authors of the UBIF and SDD standards recommend using a later version of UBIF/SDD and refer to the documents cited here only for historical or archival purposes.

For more information on SDD see the SDD Wiki, especially the Charter.

Note: While this document is human-readable, RDDL-aware processors may use it to automatically retrieve resources such as different schema versions for validating documents. See for further information.

The root (target) namespace of UBIF and SDD in version 1.0 is